Saturday, November 6, 2010

God’s Guidance in a Chaotic Situation

My friend David is a pastor from upstate New York. We've known each other for at least 10 years. He is a very gifted teacher of God's Word. He and his family have been driving 6 – 7 hours to teach at our Bible School here in Virginia. Each class is taught for 2 weekends a month and they teach 5 or 6 classes a year. It is a sacrifice of their time to come and minister and we are very thankful for them.

Yesterday, on his way down, someone plowed into his car while he was stopped at a stop light (gotta love D.C. area drivers). He called me at about 8:30 pm to inform me of the situation. He said, "Jay, I just got plowed into….my car's wrecked…and I have no idea where I am. I'm on route 7….somewhere…" I said, "First…are you ok?" His response, "We'll live." I reminded him, "Bro, 'We'll live' is not an appropriate answer to 'Are you ok?' in a car accident situation. Are you hurt?" Thankfully he and his passenger (his wife and children stayed home on this trip) were not hurt, nor was the gentleman that hit them. As one that has been in a couple of car accidents in his life I know that it is hard to think of things to be thankful for in those types of situations, but God is so good. Cars and possessions are replaceable…David is not! J I am very thankful that my friends were not hurt and were able to walk away from this accident. I know David has many other things for which to be thankful and you'll have to ask him about it sometime. However, I do have something to add to this story that I think will encourage all of us.

David's car was not able to be driven from the scene so he needed someone to come get him. However, not being from the area, David was a little unclear as to how to tell me where he was. If you've ever been to the D.C. area you know that the roads can get a little confusing. I've been living here for just over 3 years and I still get turned around in certain places. So he says, "I'm on Route 7 and I see a sign that says 'Tyson's Corner'." I knew he was coming from a certain direction, but that could have been anywhere over a stretch of about 40 miles. I got in my car and started driving towards what I thought was his general location. I tried calling David to get a little better feel for his location, but he was talking with the police at this time and not able to answer his phone. I'm driving with a general idea but I am not really sure where he is on route 7 and if I go the wrong way I could drive for many miles and not find him for quite some time. So…it dawns on me…why don't I just pray??? What a brilliant idea! So I just prayed a very simple prayer, "Lord, I don't know where they are but you do…please take me to them." I continued praying and driving and, when I came to the point where I had to turn, I had to make a decision. "Lord what do I do?" My original plan was to go
east, but I felt in my spirit to go west, so I was obedient and turned west. Within five minutes, I had found them! Praise the Lord! Had I turned the other way (which was my original plan) I would have ended up in congested traffic and had to fight it all the way back to them. Praise the Lord for His leading!

If you've been in church for any period of time at all you've probably been taught many times about following the quickening of the Holy Spirit…I've even taught it myself. But, until you're in a situation where you have absolutely nothing you can do but cry out to God for direction, there really is no way of really apprehending this message. I am so thankful to know that God is in control and will lead me and guide me. This is a real example of a chaotic situation. I needed to find David. David didn't know where he was and wasn't able to guide me…so I prayed and the Holy Spirit took care of everything! All I had to do was listen to His voice and obey. What a wonderful God we serve!

Do you know our Father's voice? When He speaks, are you obedient?